Team56: Ministry for 5th-6th Grades
Team56 meets during the 9:15 a.m. service in the new wing of the Student Ministries Center (Barlow Hall). Students will take part in the GTSM worship experience, followed by five minutes of prayer in their rooms, then discussion-oriented teaching led by Grady Horn, and finally they will end each week with games and fun directed toward creating connection and relationships. On Wednesday nights Team56 has small groups that meet from 7:00-8:30 p.m. In small groups the students dive in even deeper to what was taught during their Sunday service, and play games and take part in fun activities. If you have a child in grades 5 or 6, make sure they don’t miss this incredible ministry!
Glad Tidings Student Ministry
for grades 7-12

Our desire is to create environments to challenge students in their walk with Christ, to get them into the Word of God, connecting with the body of Christ, serving in their local church and in their own youth services, and making an impact on this world for Christ.

Youth Service
9:15 AM

The first phase of our discipleship process is our Sunday morning youth service. We intentionally design our youth services to minister to students. The message topics, the lighting and stage design, music, the style of worship, and how we run our altar time; literally every aspect is crafted for the purpose of creating an environment for students to hear the truth of God’s Word and how it applies to their lives in a manner that is relevant to their age.

We believe in the importance of students worshipping God together and connecting with other believers their age, and the youth service is the primary place where that happens.

Small Groups
7:00 PM
The next phase of how we build disciples is our small groups sessions on Wednesday nights. Small groups allow us to do two very important things: connect students to the Word of God and connect students to each other. Small groups meet for several weeks in three blocks of time each year (we call these blocks a season) with “Big Nights” (evenings where we have fun and fellowship) once a month.


The goal of Winter Retreat is to build and strengthen students in their faith. It takes place each year over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend, Friday through Sunday. During retreat, students read through a book together and have services in the evenings. This is a very spiritual weekend so we tell students not to come unless they are serious about growing in their walk with Christ.


Fall retreat is the biggest event we do each year and is a huge outreach opportunity for students to invite their friends. Fall Retreat takes place in November at Lake Placid in Hartford City and we have a jam-packed weekend full of fun and crazy games, late nights, and powerful services.


P3’s typically take place monthly on a Friday. We kick it off with pizza and then students have over an hour to spend worshipping and praying to God and for each other. We believe that prayer is the bedrock of everything we do and can accomplish at GTSM, and P3 is where we make that belief an action. We close the evening with fun and games!