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Passionate worship of God is at the heart of every ministry at Glad Tidings. Whether it be adults in the sanctuary, teens in the Student Ministries Center, or children in the education wing, our desire is to cultivate an atmosphere where this value can be expressed to its fullest and where the presence of God is powerfully manifest.
As a result of our vision to develop biblically sound believers, every aspect of our ministry is rooted in the teaching of God’s Word.
Meaningful relationships are a necessity for full spiritual growth, affording the believer the opportunity to carry out the many “one another” commands of the New Testament. While these relationships can happen in many ways, everyone at Glad Tidings is encouraged to participate in a small group to help in the development of this crucial part of Christian life.
Contagious servanthood is a value that has taken hold at Glad Tidings. More than one-third of our adult congregation is involved in some significant ministry either on the church campus or within our community. Multiple ministry opportunities are always available, and it is our conviction that true spiritual maturity requires a willingness to “pick up the towel” and serve.
Missional outreach drives the ministry initiatives and focus of Glad Tidings. Recognizing that God has uniquely shaped every congregation, we seek to utilize our specific and strategic location, collective potential, and distinctive vision to minister to those people in our immediate area. While we carry out ministry in multiple venues and support global ministry efforts, we direct significant resources and energy to the southeast quadrant of Muncie and its school, Grissom Elementary.